Which Qualities Teachers Should Have


Quality of education of young people depends greatly on quality of teachers who transfer knowledge and skills to young people from the age from 3 to 18 years. But what makes one teacher the best in his/her field and another one out of touch with the time and young people’s needs? A number of factors play an important role in how good teacher a candidate will become and not all can be acquired through formal training alone. Ideally, every teacher should have the following four qualities:

The highest level of knowledge and skill in his/her field. A teacher must be an expert in his/her field and needs to be respected as a scholar by both the students and colleagues. This can be achieved through formal education which must include up-to-date knowledge but it must be fostered and furthered by continuing professional development in order to continue to provide the students with the highest quality knowledge and skills throughout one’s professional career.

High quality pedagogical skills. Having the highest level of knowledge and skills in one’s field is not enough to be a good teacher. A teacher must know to transmit his/her knowledge to the students in an understandable and interesting way. This requires a high level of pedagogical skills that are adjusted to the needs and learning practices of the new generations. In addition to following and implementing the best pedagogical methods, a teacher must also be flexible, trusted by the students and parents/carers, have understanding for students who need more time to comprehend the transmitted knowledge as well as master oral, written and electronic communication.

Commitment, dedication and positive approach to teaching. The research shows that students who learn from teachers who are dedicated and committed to their work achieve more success. This is related to the fact that committed and dedicated teachers have a natural tendency to continue their professional development through which they provide their students with the highest quality education. In addition, they often serve as role model in the sense of commitment and dedication to work. With positive approach to teaching, on the other hand, they create more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere among the students who are more likely to ask questions if they feel comfortable with their teacher.

Personality traits. Being a good teacher whose students achieve success in life requires certain personality traits many of which, however, can also be learned through education process and continuing professional development. A teacher must have a great deal of patience, understanding for young people and flexibility as the needs and expectations of the students tend to change with time. But above all, a teacher must strive to help young people to learn and develop which is why it is crucial to communicate with other teachers and share ideas, innovation and good practices as well as to be prepared to learn from others.