Review of B.Ed Programme and Teacher Training


The B.Ed programme and teacher training are theoretically on a very high level and sought after for educational reasons in the UK but in practice, there is a major concern in respect to both subject knowledge, computer and classroom skills. In addition, some probationers are having doubts in their ability to become a successful teacher, while many schools complain about the amount of time they need to “teach” the probationaries the skills they should have learn during the initial training programme.

The review of B.Ed programme and teacher training has revealed several weakness which should receive more attention in the future. Some of the most problematic areas include:

In addition to improvements in the B.Ed programme and teacher training, initial teacher education should also pay more attention to the criteria of selection of candidates. The review of teacher education reveals that some students display poor English and numeracy skills which implies that the criteria for admission should be perhaps raised to a higher level in order to make sure that only the best are admitted. After all, they will be the ones who will form the core of the educational system in the future and help young people to develop. But besides proper knowledge and skills, candidates should also have the “right personality” for the teaching profession because they can help young people to develop only if they know to transmit their knowledge. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine whether the applicants have the “right personality”.

Young teachers should receive lots of support from their experienced colleagues but they should not be expected to simply adopt their colleagues’ approach and practices. They should be allowed to combine the up-to-date knowledge and skills they have acquired during the initial teacher training with the knowledge they have received from their older colleagues.